Columbia’s Finest Child Development Center

Where your child’s early care & education begins!

To provide quality childcare in a warm and loving environment where all children will feel safe and secure.

CFCDC recognizes all children as unique individuals and focuses on each child’s natural innate desire to learn and explore. We will provide the children with a stimulating environment and the appropriate tools to satisfy their natural curiosity, but also challenge each one to look beyond their immediate surroundings.

The overall development (cognitive, social-emotional, physical) of the child is considered and planned through a variety of activities. It is our
objective to learn the needs of the individuals in our program and to plan for the successful fulfillment of those needs. Positive development of the child’s image of self is of prime importance and is a top priority in all aspects of the program planning. It is our aim to work with the family in creating the best environment for the child while enrolled at CFCDC.

Our weekly curriculum and lesson plans are derived from constructive ism the theoretical view that learners construct knowledge through
interaction with the physical and social environments. All of our preschool teachers have attended a Project Construct Institute where they learn to devise creative, fun, and educational lesson plans. Through “hands-on, minds-on” experiences, students in Project Construct classrooms attain deep understandings in all areas of development, while they also learn to work collaboratively with adults and peers and to be lifelong problem solvers.